Frequently Asked Questions

What is your warranty policy?
Click here to visit our warranty page. 

Can you ship my bag overnight or express ship it? 
No. We are located in rural Southeast Alaska and are only able to offer three-day priority shipping from USPS. If you live/are located in Southeast Alaska and have service through Alaska Seaplanes, we can ship through them. 

How do I lubricate my zipper? How can I maintain my bag?
You can use any kind of zipper lubricant or wax available at dive shops, etc. Visit our maintenance guide for a list of our recommended lubricants and for other tips on maintaining your gear. 

    Will my gun fit in the waterproof gun case? 
    The waterproof gun case can handle a rifle up to 52 inches long. 
      My zipper is really hard to pull- what’s wrong? 
      The zippers are more difficult to pull than ordinary zippers because they are waterproof zippers. However, they do require routine lubrication, especially if they are feeling sticky or gritty. Visit our maintenance and care guide to learn more. 
        What is radio frequency welding? 
        Radio frequency welding is a process of using high frequency, 27.12 MHz, to excite polar molecules in plastic, similar to the process a microwave oven uses to excite water molecules to heat food. We have two radio frequency welders in use on our shop floor.

          What is hot air welding? 
          Hot air welding uses heat, speed and pressure to join polyurethane coated fabrics together. Using temperatures ranging from 700-1000 degrees, airtight and watertight seams are created.

          Are the bags made in a factory?
          All of our bags are machine sewn, hot air welded, and radio frequency welded by hand in our 2500 square foot workshop in Kake, Alaska.

            Can you repair my bag? 
            We can fix most bags in most situations. Repairs that don’t fall under or normal warranty will require a fee to fix. Visit our warranty page for information on starting the bag repair process. 

            **Bags that are sent to us for repair without prior communication will be not be fixed**

            Do you wholesale? 
            We only wholesale berry baskets! Please contact us if interested. 

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