Warranty, Maintenance & Repair

We believe in making products that stand the test of time. Because of this, we offer a lifetime warranty against any defect in materials or workmanship in our products. However, these bags require care to perform the way they were intended. This warranty does not cover damages caused by improper care, accidents, normal wear and tear or natural breakdown of materials over an extended time. Please contact us prior to sending any repairs. 


Bag maintenance tips: 

By maintaining and taking care of your bag, you can greatly lengthen the lifespan of the bag and decrease the likelihood of breakage or damage to the bag. 

In particular, zippers are a wear point that require routine maintenance throughout their life and are often the first component to fail on a bag. Once you own one of our bags, it is your responsibility to maintain your zipper. 

Here are our tips for maintaining your gear: 

    • Lubricate the zipper anytime it starts to feel sticky or difficult to open and close. We recommend any lubricant or wax for dive gear.
    • Avoid getting oil/gas or any petroleum products  on the fabric. These products void the warranty and render the bag unrepairable, as they break down the fabric so that it can no longer be radio frequency welded/repaired. 
    • Rinse the bag if exposed to salt water (salt is corrosive) or any other corrosive liquid
    • Keep the zipper clean of grit/dirt and lubricated. Brush the zipper teeth with warm soapy water & a toothbrush and rinse thoroughly to remove sand, dirt, and grime. Rinse and dry completely. 
    • If your bag gets wet on the inside, leave it open and dry it out thoroughly. Moisture on the inside can break down the seams from the inside. Wet guns left inside bags will breed rust which can break down fabrics and seams. 
    • Don’t put fish or meat in your bag. 
    • Don’t put sharp unprotected objects inside your bag, as they can rip the fabric and create holes. 


Repair Services

We are able to provide limited repair services depending on the state of your bag. Repairs that do not fall under our warranty (ie, a defect in workmanship or materials) will require a repair fee to be completed. 

To initiate a repair, contact our team at john@sagebrushdry.com to start the repair process. Please send us a photo of the bag along with a detailed description of the issue so we can determine whether or not the bag is fixable and send you a quote & timeline for the repair. Once you are ready to send us your bag for repair, please remove your suspension system and clean the bag as thoroughly as possible. If the bag comes to us dirty there will be an additional cost for your repair.

Repairs take time, we tackle them in batches once we have a buildup of several repairs to complete. We will contact you once we receive your bag and give you a timeline for your repair. We provide repair services at-cost as a service to our customers, and they can be time intensive as they take our small staff away from our normal production process. Please be patient with us as you wait for your repair to be completed. 

**Repairs sent without communication with our team ahead of time will not be fixed**

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