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Mid-Size Cavern

Sagebrush Dry Gear

This duffle is almost twice as large as the Plain Jane in size. The Midsize Cavern checks in at approximately 5700 cu inches of undivided space. It is made with a heavier black bottom (coated 840D Jr. Ballistics) for better abrasion resistance and has a foam padded bottom. Standard with all our bags, all seams are welded, not sewn.

As a functional bag, it is completely waterproof and can sit in standing water without leaking. We've configured The Midsize Cavern with one waterproof zipper angled across the top. Two clasp together handles connect across the top of the bag. Each Midsize Cavern comes with a double shoulder strap harness which makes carriying it on short hauls easier. The Midsize Cavern has the same high quality waterproof construction of all our bags.

WARNING: Our bags are designed to be fully waterproof. If you check this bag on an airlines, be aware that the fabrics used in these bags are susceptible to high heat, and if they get stuck on a conveyer belt, the friction may damage the fabric, rendering it non-waterproof! This could happen the first time you check it or the 1000th time. We DO NOT recommend they be used for check on luggage.

Size: 14" W x 14" H x 30" D

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